Path: doc/Configuration
Last Update: Tue May 04 23:26:16 -0600 2010


Configuring tap is a matter of setting ENV variables that tell the executable what to make available to workflows. Each of the ENV variables can be treated like PATH, where multiple paths may be joined by a colon. The config files specified in the ENV are handled in order as listed, before the command line workflow is parsed.

TAP_GEMS (default ’.’)

Specifies globs of gems to automatically load into the environment. Versions can be specified as normal, separated by a comma. Use an empty string to specify no gems.

  % gem install tap-tasks
  % TAP_GEMS=. tap inspect a b c
  ["a", "b", "c"]
  % TAP_GEMS=tap-ta* tap inspect a b c
  ["a", "b", "c"]
  % TAP_GEMS='tap-tasks, >= 0.6.0' tap inspect a b c
  ["a", "b", "c"]
  % TAP_GEMS=nomatch tap inspect a b c
  unresolvable constant: "inspect"
  % TAP_GEMS= tap inspect a b c
  unresolvable constant: "inspect"

Note that all matching gems will be activated when tap launches.

TAP_PATH (default ’.’)

Specifies directories to be scanned and registered with the tap env. All files matching TAP_PATH/lib/**/*.rb will be scanned for constants; TAP_PATH itself will be registered as a path in env. If TAP_PATH/tap.yml exists, it will be loaded as a map of paths.

As a shorthand, just know that any constants under the lib directory of TAP_PATH will be discovered.

  require 'tap/task'

  # ::task
  class Goodnight < Tap::Task
    def process(input)
      puts "goodnight #{input}"

  % tap goodnight moon
  unresolvable constant: "goodnight"
  % TAP_PATH=dir tap goodnight moon
  goodnight moon

TAPENV (default ‘tapenv’)

Specifies signal files to be loaded in the env signaling context. These files can be used to manually adjust an environment by setting/unsetting constants and resource paths.

  unset Tap::Tasks::Dump

  % tap load a -: dump
  unresolvable constant: "dump"

TAPRC (default ’~/.taprc:taprc’)

Specifies signal files to be loaded in the app signaling context. These files can be used to manually build workflows, or configure the app.

  set loader load
  set dumper dump

  % tap - join loader dumper -/enq loader 'goodnight moon'
  goodnight moon

TAPFILE (default ‘tapfile’)

Specifies ruby files that will be executed in the app context (ie using the binding of the app instance). Tapfiles can be used to declare tasks, typically using the Tap::Declarations module, or to manually setup workflows.

  require 'tap/declarations'
  extend Tap::Declarations

  task :goodnight do |config, args|
    "Goodnight #{args}!"

  % tap goodnight Moon -: dump
    Goodnight Moon!