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Last Update: Tue May 04 23:26:16 -0600 2010

1.3.0 / 2010-04-02

  • various improvements to declarations
  • moved env methods from ShellTest to Utils

1.0.0 - 1.2.4 / 2010-03 - 2010-04

Continued rework of Tap internals. Implementation of new Env setup scheme based largely on signals. Updated the Declarations DSL with significantly more flexibility. Numerous cleanups to the API. Simplification and standardization of the tap syntax for defining command-line workflows.

These releases were created for internal use and debugged in fairly rapid succession. The transition from 0.* to 1.* marks significant changes that, aside from the basic API, are not backwards-compatible. Going forward Tap should be much more stable, and the various APIs should be stable.

The tasks among the various modules in the tap suite may still be reorganizd and the Declarations DSL is still under development.

Also, about this time numerous tags were deleted to cleanup the repo. Rap was removed entirely as a separate gem, as was the tap-suite. These are the old tag names and their corresponding shas:

  all: 5f609e24147587692303d3654f1386958f476f59
  rap-0.12.0: 2a988dbbacac45b6b8bf0fc7c74e7d3639e64f56
  rap-0.12.1: a1e0f3605f6937326b258038812fba775c7616bd
  rap-0.12.2: 03dc3dfc3b365901847ef70dbf1b92d297642b00
  rap-0.12.3: 6ce756f1f4783787f54d0f8332899972a9b4b863
  rap-0.13.0: 6db8026cd7dabb1ff407470a9c793796b4ea6126
  rap-0.13.1: c512db583aad0453ab5e23d54fe5ef4b3c28992c
  rap-0.15.0: 981bae18210008c5cabc108592d3bc6a44f49530
  tap-0.10.0: f0c4ae53e5136364f0f6c4c3b2b587daa4eaeefe
  tap-0.10.1: 6ec15db9a9043e3eca285227b77e6e562bb2ff35
  tap-0.11.0: 359383266c572bc8e124a751dc3097fec806e16b
  tap-0.11.1: 5079dcb5ef33c0d5f6def81f4767925be0e8b8c5
  tap-0.12.0: f8c97e2efbbe9e8699d20b63d29e975cd91a8c57
  tap-0.12.1: f6ac7f29834804eafd654200096696821f698290
  tap-0.12.2: ad7fc99d028c6c682c2eb1e7c069bea520641bdb
  tap-0.12.3: 5cba176fcc5e8e098ed1d9165139bd9a99e097c9
  tap-0.12.4: 9148452b903f64c1fa170048fa9fa2dfc299414f
  tap-0.17.0: e23074c52ac656e42904b58d829e82150d76c66a
  tap-0.17.1: 6139af4e890d55f956d6a61de31396a623b03fec
  tap-gen-0.1.0: 25f69b6fc788c2aa302bb5623c76e7325e3391fc
  tap-gen-0.1.1: 8f5614336350942615add73b3fe79075b54a93c1
  tap-gen-0.1.2: 621ce1fdb7ab0d966a32a34637e39fa5221247f1
  tap-gen-0.1.3: 60e44d4cf6ac837e28d8b4138e1e4779656341d9
  tap-gen-0.3.0: 0b12752589ff6cf7bb081d06347fa5d74c7b6eb4
  tap-server-0.1.0: f08a40b83e370d37adf54ab322f153c2392de9ce
  tap-server-0.1.1: dada4c9ca83191e9990eaaf7215c049cc7dc88a9
  tap-server-0.2.0: 45b0d1fb7381ba824b5234079441e8f252a9d28d
  tap-server-0.3.0: 861fd836b7d19422c7bbb4e3b65981f409130b3d
  tap-server-0.4.0: 4f2b8c6e146bdca781f30f35d608815544f96e3e
  tap-server-0.6.0: bfce08a4a73aeffe3b873f9d2bd1b36db4489598
  tap-suite-0.1.0: 8ab253ee8f72f79a5f7b9b7928831affbcfacda9
  tap-suite-0.2.0: 76afbec380f6faf7fbec386f2f40c1cbd074b6d9
  tap-suite-0.3.0: bbfe80400f6d5e988dea9ad1fa3b25851f5aa8e7
  tap-tasks-0.1.0: fb4d357010a321ab31bf689d3794889f36487059
  tap-tasks-0.2.0: c0a561780b49de3eaa2a4ef7c69070a47d0b902b
  tap-tasks-0.5.0: 357d793a78808a26438b4b66c4f6c471a23d05f8
  tap-test-0.1.0: b533809da134fda0f9fd685c766fe8f26da7f0f3
  tap-test-0.3.0: 140580cf49bc58cd1e64b5eb9ef7cc8066fa9410

We‘ll see if I can‘t keep this under control a little better.

0.19.0 / 2009-12-05

Significant rework of Tap internals.

  • extracted task/join/middleware code to make Api base class
  • some changes to semantics of Minimap; entry_to_minikey is now entry_to_path. Likewise entries now specify their own path using entry.path rather than entry.minikey
  • added Signals implemented with the Dsl pattern


  • updated API to allow nodes that do not respond to joins
  • fixed bug in reassigning Sync joins
  • added quick-queue option to run
  • added short options to app configs
  • added blocks to app.log
  • added —help flag for joins, middleware
  • removed recurrent loading hooks from load (see tap-tasks:tap/tasks/stream)

0.18.0 / 2009-06-17

Several updates to simplify Tap. Most significantly, dependencies have been removed because their general utility is quite doubtful, and it it easy to implement in situations that require them (ex rap).

  • bug fix in console (app now refers to Tap::App.current)
  • bug fix in load for recurrently loading from a file
  • fixed a mistake in run help
  • made load only load once by default, stream loading must be enabled in subclasses
  • dump now returns the input, not the io
  • removed dependencies from tap
  • removed intern method on Task (now use app.task)
  • removed Support module (ie refactored Templater to Tap::Templater)
  • removed Task.help method
  • added Middleware baseclass
  • Task.parse now yields opts to block for modifications
  • renamed ‘tap/constants’ file as ‘tap/version‘

0.17.1 / 2009-06-06

  • documentation and interface updates
  • reworked load to allow recurrent loads
  • modified stack to check_terminate before calling a node
  • fixed parsing of empty breaks in command line schema
  • simplified/standardized YAML schema syntax
  • added support for middleware to parser

0.17.0 / 2009-05-25

Significant reorganization and update to Tap internals. The workflow syntax for joins has changed in incompatible ways, and several key methods have been renamed. Obviously not backwards compatible but most tasks will work without alteration.

Upgrade Notes:

  • Tasks now are identified by "::task" rather than "::manifest" The manifest identifier still works for now but will be removed by 1.0.
  • Root#filepath and Root#relative_filepath have been renamed Root#path and Root#relative_path
  • Audits have been removed
  • Generators, FileTask, and test modules have been removed to separate modules (tap-gen, tap-tasks, tap-test). Install tap-suite to get them all back.
  • switched const_name, name on Constant * refactored on_complete_block to join
  • callbacks in Task have been removed * schema syntax no longer supports rounds, globals


  • added application middleware
  • reworked dump to use an io target config
  • added unloading to Constant
  • reworked App to use aggregators that respond_to? call
  • reworked Join so that it may be dumped as YAML
  • reworked Schema syntax
  • etc

0.12.4 / 2009-03-23

  • fixed bug in App#inspect
  • documentation updates
  • changed the default load/dump configs to load and dump data without serialization
  • made stdin the default input to load
  • updated run syntax to allow arguments to be passed to saved workflows
  • updates to RootGenerator

0.12.3 / 2009-03-05

  • Updates to allow Tap to use the latest Configurable.
  • Updated RootGenerator
  • Fixed minor task —help bugs
  • Documentation updates

0.12.2 / 2009-02-23

  • Added —no-yaml option to Dump and Load
  • Added —aggregate option to Join
  • Updated Dump behavior to merge inputs before process
  • Reworked App so that it is not a Root
  • Added the ability to load workflows via ‘tap run‘

0.12.1 / 2009-02-18

Maintenance release with updates to Dump and Load tasks.

  • refactored Dump as CoreDump
  • implemented a simple yaml Dump
  • simplified Load

0.12.0 / 2009-02-17

As of the 0.12.0 release, Tap is distributed as several independent modules which can be collectively installed through tap-suite. Tap has been cleaned up significantly since the 0.11 series, and some changes are not backwards compatible. The main task API has been preserved.

Notable changes include:

  • Lazydoc, Configurable, Rap, and Tap generators are now independent gems. Install the whole suite via tap-suite
  • Removed use of OptionParser
  • Root#directories was refactored to Root#relative_paths
  • Added several methods to Root
  • Added splat option for joins
  • Refactored stack short option to ‘k‘
  • Reworked Sequence, Fork, and Merge as special cases of Join
  • Reworked Audit as a directed acyclic graph
  • Cleanup and extension of FileTask API
  • Removed RSpec support
  • Added Mini::Test support
  • Added/clarified Task nesting
  • Removed batching from Executable (neat feature but complex in joins)
  • The tap executable longer automatically reconfigures tasks from config files

Upgrade note:

  • Root#directories was refactored to Root#relative_path, so the file_test :directories option needs to be updated to :relative_paths
  • Several test methods were removed in favor of better alternatives through method_root itself. In particular method_tempfile(‘path’) should be replaced with method_root.prepare(:tmp, ‘path’).
  • EnvVars#env was refactored to EnvVars#env_var to prevent a common collision with env as a test variable.

0.11.0 / 2008-10-20

Significant update to Tap with many internal reworks. Major changes include:

  • Addition of Parser/Schema
  • Addition of rap and task declarations
  • Removal of Workflow in preference of workflow definitions within Task
  • Refactoring of Test modules
  • Expanded/updated documentation

0.10.1 / 2008-08-21

Update of Tap with a few improvements to manifests and a new manifest command.

  • Fixed some bugs and extended manifests
  • Bug fixes in generators
  • Added task definitions to Workflow

0.10.0 / 2008-08-08

Major revision. Reworked configurations and the execution environment. Added Lazydoc documentation. Backwards incompatible. Development is now on GitHub.

0.9.1 / 2008-04-26 revision 253

Relatively minor update, but with one important refactoring that removes the Tap::Script module. This breaks backward compatibility but only should affect people who have made their own commands. Simply sub Tap::Support::CommandLine for Tap::Script to fix.

  • Added constants methods (ex try_constantize) to String
  • Added gem discovery when no tap.yml file is present
  • Cleanup and refactoring — removal of Tap::Script
  • Bug fix for JRuby 1.1.1

0.9.0 / 2008-04-09 revision 246

Major update to Tap. Many changes in this release ARE NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE.

  • Reworked Task and App such that methods, are enqued and executed. Made the Executable module to allow any Method to be enqued and executed.
  • App now aggregates results for methods that have no on_complete block; enabled access through App#results and App#_results.
  • Removed iteration from tasks
  • Task no longer templates app.config_templates. Templating code removed from this distribution.
  • Work to improve audit usability and visualization
  • Removed methods forwarding from Audit to Audit#_current, as well as ambiguous Audit methods
  • Root [] now returns expanded paths unchanged. Example: app[‘relative/path’] # => File.join(app.root, ‘relative/path’) app[’/expanded/path’] # => ’/expanded/path‘
  • Generalized rake support; now supports version 0.8.1
  • Fixes in generators
  • Improvements in running of multithread tasks
  • Removed condition blocks from tasks
  • many other things also…

0.8.0 / 2007-12-08 revision 138

Major update to Tap. Many changes in this release ARE NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE. Documentation is still patchy, but improving.

  • Expanded/reworked application configuration, allowing specification of gems to be loaded as task libraries.
  • Default app config file is now tap.yml (from app.yml)
  • Updated and improved generators
  • Included rails_generators in distribution, removing rails dependency
  • Reworked many classes to clean up interface
  • Reworked testing methods
  • Improved configuration for tasks
  • Optimized loading
  • Reworked threading model
  • Addition of TDoc documentation
  • Reworked tap command and subcommands
  • Added packaging into executables
  • Updated to ActiveSupport 2.0.1
  • documentation, documentation, documentation
  • many other things as well…

0.7.9 / 2007-09-14

  • Initial testing release with partial documentation