Class Tap::Joins::Sync::Callback
In: lib/tap/joins/sync.rb
Parent: Object

Callbacks are set as the join for each input to a Sync join, and allow the result of an input to be stored in the correct slot of the results array.


call   new  


index  [R]  The results index where result should be stored.
join  [R]  A backreference to the parent Sync join.

Public Class methods


    # File lib/tap/joins/sync.rb, line 84
84:         def initialize(join, index)
85:           @join = join
86:           @index = index
87:         end

Public Instance methods

Calls back to a Sync join to store the result at index.


    # File lib/tap/joins/sync.rb, line 90
90:         def call(result)
91: , index)
92:         end